Testimonials for SouthRoads

SouthRoads is committed to providing the best service we can to all our clients. Providing quality workmanship is what we do and is pivotal in maintaining successful client relationships and delivering on project satisfaction.

With almost thirty years in the civil engineering and roading industry, SouthRoads has completed some of the largest contracts in Southland and Otago. We have had the privilege of working with prominent national and international companies throughout the region, and some of our clients have been nice enough to give a testimonial.

Jason Forbes, NZTA

The New Zealand Transport Agency was very mindful of the challenging work environment with septarian concretions, penguin breeding and nesting, sites of Maori significance and the impact of the tides. SouthRoads managed all of these factors well, delivering a high-quality product ahead of schedule.

- Jason Forbes

Ian Hadland, Operations Manager, Otago Fish & Game Council

Dear Connell,

Re: Takitakitoa Wetland works complete

The recent completion of minor road maintenance and adjustment to the outlet stream of the bund structure brings an end to the physical works at Takitakitoa. There were no retentions involved and I understand you have now been paid in full which brings this contract to full conclusion.

The Otago Fish & Game Council is pleased that it has come in on budget and the work has been completed to a very high standard. We wish to extend our thanks to yourself and other Southroads Ltd staff for your practical and professional approach to this unorthodox project.

Wetland enhancement work, by its very nature, can be very unpredictable. Working remotely, around water and on soft ground increases the risks significantly in terms of safety, equipment, time and budget. All aspects were expertly managed.

This was one of the most ambitious construction projects Otago Fish & Game Council has undertaken so we appreciate the guidance provided in the practical and contractual aspects of the development. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and if there is any opportunity to recommend Southroads Ltd for similar projects, we would be happy to do that.

Finally, please also extend our thanks to the individual operators involved. I know some of them still have a personal interest in the project and as such they are welcome to visit the wetland at any time.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Hadland