About Us

About SouthRoads

SouthRoads Ltd is a progressive civil construction contractor, with its roots firmly in Southland and Otago, with an extensive track record in civil construction and maintenance.

The History of SouthRoads

The company that is SouthRoads began operation in 1989, as the Southland District Council district works division. For many years, the Southland County Council, which became the District Council had had a fleet of trucks and other equipment for roading purposes Due to local government reforms it had turned into a local authority trading enterprise around 1991. The late Bill Richardson was on the original board of the establishment unit to determine whether a company should be formed, interestingly at the time, he voted no. After two years he resigned, due to a perceived rather than actual conflict of interest. In 1996, Bill heard that the company was for sale. Bill Richardson and HW Richardson Group purchased SouthRoads in 1996. Bill in his autobiography says of the purchase,

‘Mainly Southland-based, it [SouthRoads] had revealed in its short history that it could be innovative … [Purchasing] it also meant a Southland operation built up by Southland ratepayers stayed in Southland hands and did not slip off to a British-owned company. Whenever I drive around Southland and South Otago I see SouthRoads trucks and equipment and that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction.’ – Bill Richardson, Wheels & Deals.

SouthRoads Now

A dynamic contracting company, SouthRoads has teams throughout Otago, Southland, and the Central Lakes District. The South Island based business employs over 280 staff and has one of the most modern and reliable construction fleets in New Zealand.

SouthRoads staff are specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in roading, site development, earthworks and civil engineering. Our staff strive to provide the best possible service to all our clients. While our rich history in the regions means we have local experience and knowledge. Our rich history in the Southland region is a testament to the long-lasting relationships people within the business have fostered with our clients throughout Otago and Southland. SouthRoads value our relationships.

SouthRoads is about quality

We believe in providing the best possible service to all our clients. We understand that quality is the cornerstone of what we do. It is pivotal in maintaining successful client relationships and delivering project satisfaction. We believe in retaining quality local staff, and in maintaining a modern, efficient fleet.

As a business, SouthRoads is committed to:

  • Agreeing on customer outcomes at the beginning
  • Understanding risk expectations and prevention
  • Reviewing project progress for improvement opportunities
  • The use of quality products and services from our approved suppliers
  • The continued review and development of innovations
  • The use of quality documentation, recording and reporting systems
  • Improve staff competency through continued education, training, and experience

SouthRoads are certified with ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System and has a strong focus and commitment to these Management Principles of continual improvement using evidence-based decision making and relationship management.  

SouthRoads is about getting you home healthy and safe

SouthRoads is proud to be an accredited employer under the ACC Partnership Programme. With a dedicated Health and Safety Manager directly responsible to the General Manager for all aspects of Health and Safety within the company’s operation, we take a proactive, not reactive, approach to health and safety.

SouthRoads has a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System that applies to all our activities. We have a Health and Safety Policy and Plan that underpins how the company will operate to fulfil our obligations under the New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act. We empower our staff to make the right decisions when it comes to operating safely, helping them get home healthy and safe.

SouthRoads is about protecting and supporting New Zealand’s Natural Environment

SouthRoads believes in protecting New Zealand’s natural environment, so that future generations of New Zealander can continue to enjoy a happy healthy country and our unique wildlife. As a business, we achieve this through our stringent Environmental Policy of compliance with all statutory requirements and local, district and regional plans.

We ensure all our work conforms to the Resource Management Act, including consents and regional freshwater and clean air plans through our Environmental Management Plan. All staff are aware of their requirements, which are contained in our operator handbook for easy reference. Our Environment Management Plan ensures that all risks to the environment are minimised and actively managed at all items, helping to preserve New Zealand for future generations.

SouthRoads is about local people, local knowledge, supporting local communities

SouthRoads, and our parent company, HW Richardson Group, are proud to call Otago and Southland home and to be a part of these communities. Our staff are locals, with local knowledge and experience of their region, along with expertise in their field. We use local suppliers and subcontractors in our projects.

We believe in supporting and building up the local community. We do this through community projects, sponsorship and donations to sporting infrastructure, supporting community events, cultural organisations, and the local people of Otago and Southland.