Hawthorndale Care Village

Hawthorndale Care Village

Client: Hawthorndale Care Village

Contract type: Excavation and siteworks, Drainage and roading

At SouthRoads, we hold a profound appreciation for projects characterized by a commitment to the community, especially those grounded in the principles of 'by Southlanders, for Southlanders.' The Hawthorndale Care Village, a $35 million aged care facility inspired by the distinguished Dutch dementia village, De Hogeweyk, stands as a testament to this ethos. As a principal contributor to this noteworthy initiative, SouthRoads is privileged to assume a central role in transforming this visionary project into a reality, poised to provide essential care for the elderly not only within Southland but extending its impact beyond regional boundaries.

We were responsible for the civil works installing the underground infrastructure and roading basecourse prior to any other contractors beginning works on site. Our engagement in the Hawthorndale Care Village project encompasses several critical facets, each meticulously executed during the preliminary phases:

Excavation and Backfill of Building Pads:

As the cornerstone of any construction undertaking, SouthRoads diligently managed the excavation and backfilling of all building pads, establishing a robust foundation for the forthcoming structures dedicated to the comfort and well-being of our community's elderly.

Roading Network Development:

With a strategic focus on enhancing accessibility and connectivity, our team led the excavation and backfilling of the roading network, laying the groundwork for a meticulously planned and efficiently connected care village.

3 Waters Infrastructure Installation:

Acknowledging the criticality of sustainable and integrated infrastructure, SouthRoads assumed responsibility for the installation of drainage 3 waters. This included laterals to new building pads and connections to Invercargill City Council (ICC) infrastructure, ensuring judicious water management across the entire care village.

Comms and Electrical Service Mains Installation:

In adherence to our commitment to comprehensive infrastructure, SouthRoads orchestrated the installation of communication and electrical service mains. This encompassed laterals to new buildings, ensuring that the care village is endowed with essential utilities to operate seamlessly.

Asphalt and Roadway Development (To Be Confirmed):

In anticipation of the imperative need for durable and reliable roads and driveways, our team is dedicated to the installation of asphalt to all roads and driveways. This commitment contributes substantially to the overall functionality and accessibility of the care village.

Right Turn Bay on SH1 Entry:

In a bid to augment accessibility and guarantee secure entry to the site, SouthRoads implemented a dedicated right turn bay on the State Highway 1 entry point. This enhancement significantly bolsters safety and convenience for both residents and visitors.

Reflecting on the notable progress achieved in the nascent stages of the Hawthorndale Care Village project, SouthRoads expresses profound gratitude for the opportunity to lend support to this pivotal initiative. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the realization of this vision and the positive impact it will undoubtedly have on the elderly demographic in Southland and beyond. In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we remain steadfast in our commitment to shaping a future where care and compassion flourish.