SouthRoads’ partners with The Halo Project

SouthRoads’ partners with The Halo Project

With many of our staff performing their roles in the great outdoors, they see first hand just how fragile the landscape can be – and work hard to ensure the services they’re carrying out don’t harm the surrounding areas.

SouthRoads is doing its part to help protect New Zealand’s natural biodiversity by partnering with an organisation to carry out pest control. 

Staff at SouthRoads were asking themselves how they could do better in the environmental space and for their communities. For many years SouthRoads staff have been laying and maintaining pest traps beside bridges in areas where staff are working. Wanting to expand on this work, SouthRoads has partnered with The Halo Project. This Otago-based organisation is 1 of 22 organisations that make up Predator Free Dunedin who work collaboratively to protect native biodiversity and strengthen communities. These organisations share a long-term vision to get rid of possums, rats and stoats from Dunedin’s urban and rural landscapes by 2050. Their work helps to make coastlines safer for seabirds, fresh water enhancement and more than 3800 traps have been laid across the Otago region. 

SouthRoads helps with predator control and is responsible and checking about 220 of these traps. Staff check, clear, rebait and reset the traps, and record anything they catch on TrapNZ.

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