Sunderland Park Subdivision

Sunderland Park Subdivision

Nestled in the heart of Central Otago, Sunderland Park stands as a testament to SouthRoads' commitment to excellence in the construction of a 59-lot residential subdivision spanning six hectares. Embarking on this ambitious project in September 2022, SouthRoads responded to the pressing demand for housing in Central Otago, providing a canvas for diverse lifestyles amidst Clyde's rich heritage and stunning surroundings. 

Section Diversity: 
Offering sections ranging from approximately 406m² to 1087m², Sunderland Park caters to the varied needs of adventure seekers, families, and retirees alike. This diverse array of lot sizes ensures that there is a perfect piece of land for everyone, reflecting SouthRoads' dedication to meeting the unique demands of the local housing market. 

Initial Transformations: 
The journey began with SouthRoads' skilled crews, including drone mapping and QPR-operating surveying teams, site workers, and roading and drainage crews. The entire site, spanning over 12,000m², underwent a meticulous recontouring process, with the scraper stripping it back and stockpiling materials. The subsequent 9,000m² of cut and fill marked a significant step towards shaping the landscape for the Sunderland Park vision. 

Infrastructure Development: 
SouthRoads demonstrated their engineering prowess by laying a comprehensive network of gravity pipe work, encompassing an 800m wastewater system, and reticulated water mains stretching over 1km. The installation of a series of sumps, soak holes, and laterals took place over a dedicated period of 6-7 months. These essential services were seamlessly integrated, ensuring a robust instrastucture for the Park and into the future.

Final Touches and Future Unveiling: 
As the site nears completion, the focus turns to the finer details. Roading and backfilling operations are underway, creating a well-connected and aesthetically pleasing environment. Soon, footpaths will crisscross the landscape, providing accessibility and enhancing the overall infrastructure of Sunderland Park. The culmination of these efforts is scheduled for December 2023 when clear sections will be ready for sale.

The crew has left an indelible mark on Central Otago with the creation of Sunderland Park. This residential subdivision stands as a testament to expertise, precision, and diversity in our work. As we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of Sunderland Park, it is evident that SouthRoads has not only met but exceeded the expectations set for this project. The future residents of this vibrant community will undoubtedly experience a lifestyle that reflects the excellence and innovation synonymous with SouthRoads.