SouthRoads operate local teams. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality work and cost-effective solutions tailored to our client’s requirements. With our can-do attitude and experienced project managers, we take pride in all our work. Offering our customers an attention to detail and a competitive pricing policy that sees our driveway services in high demand.


As the entrance to your home, your driveway creates the first impression. SouthRoads operate specialised construction teams who are experienced in working within your region – they’re locals with local knowledge who can advise you on the best surface options for the local conditions and your site. With a wide range of aggregate sources, SouthRoads can find a product that meets your requirements.

  • Surfacing options - asphalt, chip seal, gravel, concrete,
  • Kerbing options – including concrete kerbs with contour, mountable kerbs, timber lining
  • Driveway repairs – driveway drainage issues? Potholes need repairing? Cracks appearing?

Residential Landscaping

With over 130 separate aggregate sites throughout Southland and Otago, we are able to provide a diverse range of aggregate products that can be tailored specifically to your project. Our specialist team involved in the stockpiling of aggregates are always assessing market demands, maximising production and minimising waste, passing on savings to our clients by way of competitive tendering.

  • Earthworks – Septic tank earthworks, levelling sites, drainage trenches, cable trenches and more
  • Tennis courts – artificial turf and hard-court options. We have worked on several of the major sports grounds in Southland.
  • Aggregates for landscaping solutions – pebbles, stones, blue chip and more. These include pit run gravel, shot rock, white stone to blue crushed good fine gravel to coarse gravel, to gravel plans specifically for your requirements


SouthRoads are locals who know the consent requirements in your region and can help with the construction of retaining walls specific to your area, with knowledge of the local conditions. SouthRoads are happy to help through the consent process and with consent requirements.

  • Retaining walls - timber, stone, gabion, preset concrete, concrete construction, designed to suit requirements or specification.
  • Consent requirements - All building and resource consent requirement for each project will be delivered including accounting for environmental conditions.

Site Maintenance

SouthRoads offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution for residential site maintenance. Offering residential street sweeping, car park design, driveway construction and repairs, and retaining wall requirements. With our civil and commercial knowledge, the team at SouthRoads can maintain your site, without the additional costs and time of a smaller provider. Regular quality maintenance will minimise flooding risk, inconvenience, and complaints.

  • Residential street sweeping – one-off or cyclic road sweeping
  • Carparks and driveways – need more space or cracks and chipping fixed?
  • Repairs – to retaining walls, driveways, tennis courts and more. SouthRoads can be your one-stop-shop for all your site repairs

For high-quality work and cost-effective solutions, tailored to your requirements, contact SouthRoads today.