SouthRoads has a rich history in civil engineering projects, road construction and maintenance. Having operated for almost thirty years as both a roading maintenance and civil construction contractor for various civil clients.

SouthRoads provide civil bridging and building options, drainage solutions, road maintenance, and aggregate sourcing. We not only build bridges and roads but can also maintain infrastructure to protect vulnerable areas and minimise ongoing repair costs. Quality work and safety are a big part of the culture of SouthRoads, and we work hard to uphold our quality standards and safety standards for all our staff, and New Zealand road users.

Bridging and Building

SouthRoads use local teams, with local knowledge who know the road conditions in your area and the consent requirements. We take into account the safety of not just our staff, but road users and the New Zealand environment with all road building and bridge projects. Whether it’s low lying areas, areas used heavily by stock, risk of sediment or a high traffic flow area, with years of experience working across Southland and Otago roads, we have intrinsic knowledge of South Island road conditions.

  • Bridges - highways from 2m to 80m long of any weight capacity.
  • Culverts – for highway use, from multi culvert pipes up to 3000 dia to box culverts up to 6.0m wide x 4m high – length to suit and with timber and concrete headwalls, full highway specification road capacity.
  • Retaining walls - timber, stone, gabion, preset concrete, concrete construction, designed to suit requirements or specification
  • Consent requirement - All building and resource consent requirement for each project will be delivered including accounting for environmental conditions.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions that are matched to the conditions and environment of an area are crucial, should an environmental emergency occur. Inadequate drainage can cause devastating and costly repairs, not only to civil infrastructure but to private property. Ensuring adequate drainage solutions is a must, choose SouthRoads, for local teams, with local knowledge. We have a large team of experienced staff; qualified in drain-laying and water reticulation able to, identify and trouble solve problems, work on greenfield installations, or replacement project works, large or small.

  • Stormwater drainage – solid and reliable drainage solutions that are matched to Southland and Otago conditions are critical in New Zealand’s often unpredictable conditions.
  • Water/ Sewer main installation and replacement.
  • Sub-division schemes.
  • Individual household requirements.

Road Construction and Maintenance

At the peak of SouthRoads road maintenance operation, we maintained in excess of 9000 km of sealed and unsealed roads, over 900 bridges and major culverts and 29 township urban areas. This work was completed through ten separate network maintenance contracts for a combination of District Council and NZTA.

  • Roading – highways, pavements, in a range of designs and scope, highways from 2m to 80m long of any weight capacity.
  • Road strengthening, upgrading, and drainage – SouthRoads believe in being proactive, not reactive when it comes to road conditions.
  • Township maintenance – From subdivisions to townships, SouthRoads perform earthworks and roading maintenance to keep towns and villages humming.
  • Bridge and culvert maintenance – SouthRoads work closely with Regional Councils and controlling authorities and can work with you to ensure safety and compliance
  • Grading – car parks and more.
  • Seal pavement – filling of potholes, resurfacing of car parks, driveways, and access lanes, pavement repairs, and maintenance.
  • Pavement sweeping – detritus, leaves and loose metal, materials can be unsightly and dangerous. SouthRoads can set up a regular pavement sweeping plan for your area.
  • Sump cleaning – regular sump clean to reduce flood risk – programmed to each site requirements
  • Annual maintenance program – let SouthRoads put a program together to maintain your site – pothole filling, pavement and kerb sweeping, sump cleaning and design to meet your needs. Be proactive to ensure the unwanted risk of damage.


SouthRoads supply aggregates for the construction of local roads and state highways, throughout Southland and Otago. With over 130 separate sites, and a fleet of specialist bottom dump trucks, specifically designed for spreading aggregate, we can meet your needs. We also have a fleet of 6 x4 tip trucks and tipping trailer for bulk supply.

Not only that, but our experienced aggregate team are constantly sourcing new sites and are happy to work to specific, tailored requirements. We offer competitive pricing through accurately accessing market demands, maximising production and minimising waste. Some aggregates we commonly use include pit run gravel, shot rock, shite stone, blue crushed good fine grave, and coarse gravel. We create gravel plans matched specifically to your requirements and location.

SouthRoads believe in offering quality solutions, that are reliable and safe, to SouthRoads staff, but also New Zealand road users and the New Zealand environment. For more information, contact SouthRoads today.