Katiki Beach Erosion Project

Katiki Beach Erosion Project

Client: New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA)

Contract type: Earthworks, coastal erosion

Capability: Earthworks, sustainability, conservation awareness, traffic control

The Katiki Beach Erosion Protection works were tendered by NZTA and are the beginning of ongoing erosion protection along the section of coast north of Shag Point. The contract consisted of three individual sites each located at the bottom of a 12-meter-high bluff with no obvious access.

This is the beginning of ongoing work along the Katiki Coastline to ensure the protection of State Highway 1 carriageway. These three sites are the first of fifteen and were prioritised based on the risk they present to the highway above.

The works included 1300m³ of cut to waste, 500m³ of cut to fill, and 6230m³ of imported boulders and the reinstatement of the surrounding areas to leave the site looking as natural as possible. The three sites were challenging sites for several reasons. The height of the bank and the requirement to get 2 – 3 tonne rocks from the road down 12 meters to the beach, working in with the tides as the toe of the wall sits below the high tide line, and the logistics of sourcing and transporting the large boulders while ensuring safety and minimising wear and tear on our truck decks.

This site also fell within a recognised penguin nesting area which meant works had to be programmed around specific dates and required regular inspections by the Moeraki Penguin Trust to ensure works were in no way affecting penguins.

SouthRoads’ team completed the contract works successfully, well inside the expected timeframe with a finished product the client was more than happy with. This timeliness and good relationship with the client has led to additional works along the coastline outside of the original contract works.

3D Design: https://cloud.pix4d.com/pro/project/313654/3d?shareToken=c54cabd1526b4462b022a1e3a4f11eb7