Heathfield Subdivision

Heathfield Subdivision

Client: Willow Ridge Developments, Dunedin

Contract type: Subdivision

Completion date: Stage 3 February 2015

Capability: Earthworks, drainage, engineered fill, underground services, and infrastructure. Roadway and footpath construction. Landscaping.

Heathfield is Mosgiel's premium location. The superb building sites are elevated and sheltered and easy to build on. Ideal for your dream home, elevated sites are rare on the Taieri, much more desirable than living on the flat and free from flood risk. Being so, the sites have been very popular with stages one, two and three of the subdivision sold out.

For SouthRoads, this site presented some challenges as the development is built on the side of a hill overlooking Mosgiel. A key environmental factor was the management and control around sediment ponds and erosion.

The development has been in progress with SouthRoads for several years. With Southroads completing the earthworks, drainage, engineered fill, underground services, and infrastructure, along with large-scale landscaping, roadways and footpath construction. So far, the infrastructure for 78 lots has been completed, with 38 lots under construction.

The project has been completed in stages:

Stages 1 and 2 – Commenced November 2012

38 Lot Subdivision

Completed in December 2013

Stage 3 – Commenced January 2014 – Completed February 2015

40 Lot Subdivision

Stage 4 - Commenced July 2018 – to be completed in December 2018

38 Lot Subdivision