Keri Solomon

Clutha District Maintenance Divisional Manager

Keri thinks the culture at SouthRoads is what makes the business great. The level of ownership from the senior managers, right through to the staff on the stop-and-go paddles is exceptional. Everyone at SouthRoads has their say and is listened to, and everyone is happy to get on board and work as a team.

Keri knows the industry from the ground up, as he started as a labourer in 1993. He worked throughout the industry and then started with SouthRoads in 2006 as a truck driver. In 2009, he started on the digger and then in 2013, he moved into an office position as Operations Manager. In 2014, he became Contract Manager and in 2018 moved into Divisional Manager.

SouthRoads not only value staff but also have modern machinery (which Keri has been lucky enough to have the keys to and is always happy to get in and lend a hand). He thinks it’s great that regardless of positions within the company, staff are always happy to get stuck in and lend a hand outside the office.

Seeing the staff fulfilled and proud of their workmanship is really rewarding. Keri is looking to the future and concentrating on growing the business, retaining their valuable client base and developing staff. He’s always looking to better their health and safety policy and minimise the risk of injuries.

Outside of work, Keri enjoys spending time with his children and is a classic kiwi bloke who’s a fan of rugby, these days as a spectator, more than a player.