Consent - Whitestone Bridge

Consent number 201872 - Whitestone River Bridge conditions


This consent authorises:

  • (i) the disturbance of the bed of the Whitestone river in order to inspect the piles of the Whitestone river bridge; and
  • (ii) the maintenance and repair of the piles of the Whitestone river bridge.

All as detailed in the application to this consent.


Relevant conditions:

Condition 4. - There shall be no works carried out during periods of surface flow in the locality of the Whitestone river bridge

Condition 5. - The consent holder shall ensure that:

  • (a) all bed and bank disturbance is kept to the minimum necessary to undertake the activity.
  • (b) any stream banks disturbed or eroded during the activity are restored and resown upon completion of the works.
  • (c) no fuel storage or machinery refuelling occurs on any area of the bed.
  • (d) no contaminant is discharged to water during the activity.  In the event of any contamination of water, the effects of contamination shall be remedied or mitigated and the council's environmental compliance manager shall be informed without undue delay.
  • (e) any equipment, machinery, or operating plant moved to the site of the works from any other area is effectively cleaned to prevent the spread of pest species. 
  • (f) all equipment, machinery, operating plant and debris are removed from the site on completion of the works.


Condition 7. - There shall be no disturbance of the roosting and nesting areas of the black fronted tern, black backed gull and banded and black fronted dotterels

Condition 8. - In the event of a discovery, or suspected discovery, of a site of cultural importance (waahi taonga/tapu), the consent holder shall immediately cease operations in that location and inform the authorised contact for Ngai Tahu (Te Ao Marama inc, phone (03) 214 1573, fax (03) 214 1505) and the Environment Southland's Director of Environmental Management.  Operations may recommence with the written permission of the council's director of environmental management

Condition 9. - The consent holder shall notify the Environment Southland's manager of environmental compliance, in writing, at least two working days prior to commencement of any works associated with this consent.

Condition 10. - The consent holder shall the notify Environment Southland's manager of environmental compliance, in writing, upon completion of any works that take more than two days to complete.