Consent - Whitestone Bridge

A summary of the intended purpose of the consent is covered below, however for the full consent requirements, please contact Mike Brazil on 027 453 3309.


Purpose: This consent authorises work that disturbs the river bed to inspect, repair or maintain the piles of the Whitestone River Bridge subject to the conditions below:


  • notify the Environment Southland's Manager of Environmental Compliance, in writing, at least two working days prior to commencement of any works associated with this consent
  • No works to be carried out when there is water flow at or near the Whitestone River Bridge
  • all bed and bank disturbance for this activity is minimised
  • when the works are complete any stream banks disturbed or eroded during the activity are restored and resown
  • No fuel storage or machinery refuelling on any area of the bed
  • No contaminant is discharged to water during the activity.  If this happens, stop work and inform Mike immediately
  • Any equipment, machinery, or operating plant moved to the site of the works from any other area is effectively cleaned to prevent the spread of pest species
  • All equipment, machinery, operating plant and debris are removed from the site on completion of the works
  • No disturbance of the roosting and nesting areas of the black fronted tern, black backed gull and banded and black fronted dotterels
  • If artefacts of any sort are found work must stop immediately, and contact Mike for further info