Consent - Princhester Creek channel clearance

A summary of the intended purpose of the consent is covered below, however for the full consent requirements, please contact Mike Brazil on 027 453 3309.


Purpose: This consent is for channel clearance works in the bed of a watercourse (Princhester Creek) as follows:

  1. The excavation and removal of gravel and alluvial material from the bed of the Princhester Creek, sufficient to maintain the hydraulic capacity of the SH94 bridge; and
  2. Disturbance of the bed of the Princhester Creek; and
  3. The temporary diversion of the Princhester Creek.


  • Notify Fish and Game New Zealand Southland region prior to each period of gravel extraction
  • If any cement, oil or fuel contamination of watercourse contact Mike immediately for futher info
  • Notify Environment Southland’s Manager of Environmental Compliance and Catchment Works supervisor in writing, at the start and end of works
  • Keep record of all gravel removed  and submit each month’s daily totals to Mike to submit to Environment Southland
  • Cement and oil are prevented from entering Bush Stream during the construction works
  • Fish passage is not impeded as a result of construction works
  • All construction equipment, machinery, plant, and debris are removed from the site on completion of the works
  • Silt disturbance and instream works are kept to a minimum and shall occur during periods of low and nil river flow
  • No washing of equipment occurs in the Princhester Creek
  • Any stream banks disturbed or eroded during the construction works shall be restored upon completion of the works
  • If artefacts of any sort are found work must stop immediately, and contact Mike for further info