Consent - Mararoa River

A summary of the intended purpose of the consent is covered below, however for the full consent requirements, please contact Mike Brazil on 027 453 3309.


Purpose: To extract gravel from the Mararoa River


  • Excavation of gravel from the bed of the Mararoa River within 50 metres upstream and 50 metres downstream of the centreline of the Mararoa River Bridge on state highway 94 to achieve and maintain 3.2 metres of clearance beneath the bridge
  • Notify in writing 5 working days in advance of works commencing - contact Mike to determine who needs to be told
  • Keep a record of all gravel removed under the terms of this consent and supply this to Mike
  • If any sediment, oil or fuel contamination of watercourse contact Mike immediately for futher info
  • If artefacts of any sort are found work must stop immediately, and contact Mike for further info
  • Fish passage shall not be impeded as a result of the activity
  • Any activity in the wetted bed shall be kept to an absolute minimum to avoid sedimentation and discoloration to the river
  • Any bed disturbance shall be kept to the minimum necessary to undertake the activity, and the site shall be reinstated to its original condition on completion of the activity
  • No contaminants, other than sediment released from the bed, shall be discharged to water during the activity
  • No significant adverse effects on aquatic ecosystems
  • No damage to trees on the river bed or in riparian areas
  • No stockpiling of gravel in the bed of the river, or within a floodway
  • No holes or pits are to be dug
  • Fuel and oil are prevented from entering the river during the works
  • All construction equipment, machinery, plant and debris are removed from the riverbed on completion of the works;
  • No washing of equipment occurs in the river; and
  • No fuel storage or machinery refuelling occurs on any area of the bed
  • No disturbance of the roosting and nesting areas of the black fronted tern, black billed gull, and banded and black fronted dotterel, or the feeding areas of the banded and black fronted dotterel, during the excavation works.