SouthRoads carries out road construction road maintenance subdivisions bridges underpasses and bridges
SouthRoads is a registered ISO 9001 organistion


SouthRoads committed staff are skilled, experienced operators from Southland to Otago deliver required responses & performance demands for all facets of Civil Construction and Maintenance. Southroads team are enthusiastic & committed to getting the job done right first time.

The SouthRoads team are local people with local experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves on our Southern heritage, our commitment and ownership of the work we do.

Our staff are experienced in all facets of civil construction and maintenance.  They are skilled operators of modern construction equipment and have an extensive knowledge and proven performance.  They understand our client’s expectations, performance and quality requirements.

With 140 trained and committed staff living in Southland and Otago we have a high capacity to deliver the required responses and performance demands of the modern construction company.

While we are a small company our team is enthusiastic and committed to getting the job done right the first time, while having fun.

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