SouthRoads carries out road construction road maintenance subdivisions bridges underpasses and bridges
SouthRoads is a registered ISO 9001 organistion
Bridging/ Building

SouthRoads has an experienced civil and structural team that provide a complete design build capability for clients.  This team has specialised in the construction and maintenance of bridges, underpasses, effluent ponds and culverts throughout the lower half of the South Island.

The experience of this team was developed in the maintenance and construction of road bridges throughout Southland and Otago. From this experience we have expanded into the construction of turn key and design build projects which we design to the clients requirements and we also work closely with Regional Councils and controlling authorities.

  • Bridges – dairy lanes, forestry, farm roading and highways from 2m to 80m long of any weight capacity.
  • Stock underpasses – sheep, cattle, deer, dairy farm pedestrian and vehicle from 2 x 2 m to 6 x 4m in sections of any length to highway standard
  • Culverts – farm to highway use, from multi culvert pipes up to 3000 dia to box culverts up to 6.0m wide x 4m high – length to suit and with timber and concrete headwalls, full highway specification road capacity.
  • Retaining walls – timber, stone, gabion, preset concrete, concrete construction, designed to suit requirements or specification.
  • Sheds – commercial and farm sheds designed for all requirements.
  • Design build – Project specified to client requirements and building code compliant giving completed project management.
  • Consent requirement – All building and resource consent requirement for each project will be delivered including accounting for environmental conditions.
  • Effluent Ponds – designed specifically to meet farmers requirements and the environmental demands of modern farming.

Roading construction  carried out by SouthRoads for dairy conversions and all lane maintenance requirements

Roading Construction and maintenance for Forestry access

Access road construction by SouthRoads
Road construction from local highways to State Highways by SouthRoads

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